About Us

About Us

Welcome to Obiaks Tutor, the place where you can improve your learning by simply practicing in taking exams!

Exams are not only a way of testing your limits and things you learned. At the same time, taking exams is a way in which you can improve your learning. Similar to knowing how much you learned through tests, that same principle can be used to find out the things you haven’t learned. How can knowing these things help you?

Well, when you began to know of the things you are still lacking, you can also began to focus learning about those things. That’s how Obiaks Tutor can essentially help you by providing you of a way to practice test. Obiaks Tutor can help you in a variety of subject matter and kinds of exam. Some of the types of exams we can help you with include:


SAT 1 for English and Mathematics

TOEFL for English

GMAT for Verbal, Integrated Reading and Quantitative, etc

WAEC/NECO for Mathematics, English, Biology and Government etc,

POST UME for Absu, Abu, Ansu and Aau...

JAMB (UTME) for Biology, English, Mathematics and Government etc,

NABTEB for English, Physics, Mathematics and Economics etc,

ICAN for Foundation, Intermediate, P.E 1 and P.E 2 etc,


These are the tests you can practice doing through Obiaks Tutor. It is very simple to use the Obiaks Tutor in order to improve your learning. You only need to register and once you are a member log in to the site to take advantage of the services readily available for you.


With that, you can practice taking the exams mentioned above as much as you want to. Our company is dedicated to improving your learning. As such, we make sure that the practice tests in our site are designed in a way that you can maximize your learning. With Obiaks Tutor, you can very well improve your chances of passing your exam. Browse through our sire and contact us for more information.