What type of questions are asked In GMAT?

What type of questions are asked In GMAT?

24 Sep, 2019

GMAT is very crucial in the career of any professional. It is a crucial turning point in the life of any professional. It guides the possible future paths and prospects ahead. Passing this exam does not only depend on your knowledge but also handling it intelligently. There are formats in which this exam is presented. Understanding these formats and making the necessary preparing using series of lectures both online and offline, is a good way of passing it with flying colors. 

GMAT is a hundred and eighty seven minutes long exam 3hr.,7min. which consists of one essay prompt and 90 multiple choice questions. This is divided into four sections which can be attempted in an order of your choice. You also have the option of taking two breaks during the exam, each break not exceeding eight minutes each.

Analytical Writing Assessment Section

You are only permitted to spend at most 30 minutes in this section. You need to write an essay with the aim of analyzing the reasoning behind an argument which will be presented before you. You have to write a detailed analysis and assessment of the argument. Your arguments need to be well constructed, not ambiguous and logically presented. Your attitude and command over the language will be your advantage to winning a good score.

Integrated Reasoning Section

In this section you will be required to answer 12 multi-part reasoning questions within 30 minutes. There will be several types of questions you will come across in which include multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, extrapolation of data from table, interpretation of data from graphics x/y graph, pie chart, bar graph, scatter plot, statistical curve distribution, and making inferences from the said data. The main aim of this section is to test your skills of handling multiple values, identifying the necessary factors and deriving results from a complex series of questions. It generally test your understanding and how you can handle complex situations.

Quantitative Reasoning Section

This is a 62 minutes long sections consisting of 31 questions which are either in the format of Problem Solving or Data Sufficiency. It aimed at analyzing your mathematical proficiency in solving numerical or graphical based reasoning problems. The standard five choice problem solving questions test your analytical and logical reasoning abilities in solving quantitative problems. While the data sufficiency questions test your ability to assess, analyze and interpret data.

Verbal Reasoning Section

You need 65 min. for this sections, it contains 36 verbal reasoning questions. They come in multiple choice format and are divided into three categories: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. It aim is to examines your reading and comprehension skills, your strength in evaluating arguments, spotting and correcting errors in a given statement. It generally assess your English proficiency. For those who are non-native English speakers, polishing your English skills may be required to gaining a good score for this section.

Just like any other exam, time management is essential if you are to cracking GMAT. Learn time management skills while solving mock tests and with more practice you will manage to complete in time.

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