What's the Difference between SAT Superscore & Score Choice?

What's the Difference between SAT Superscore & Score Choice?

12 Sep, 2019

Superscoring and Score Choice are scoring system colleges use when scoring students. They may either use the superscoring method or the score choice method, depending on the university in question. But what's actually the different between these two? Lets take a look.

What Is Superscoring?

Superscoring is when colleges take a look at all the SAT scores you sent, take your highest score from each test section, and combine those high scores from different test dates into a highest-possible composite score system. Lets take a look at example below. 

                 Critical Reading     Mathematics   Writing             Total Score
Test 1                         800                740              750                    2290
Test 2                         780                800              700                    2280
Test 3                         750                750              800                    2300
Superscore                800                800              800                    2400

Superscoring benefits colleges because it places them higher up in the rankings for average SAT scores of admitted students. It also benefits you because you get credit for your best scores from each section even if they happened at different times.

Now that you've understood superscoring, What about score choice. There are no much different between these two. The only difference is that while in superscoring method, you need to send all your scores from every SAT exams you had taken, so that the college can pick your best scores and add them togrther, in Score choice method, you do not need to send all your scores from different SAT you've taken, rather you just pick the scores from each test and send them over to the college of which it may likely be you best scores. The scores from test dates you choose not to send will never be seen by the college. 

Advantages of Score choice and Superscoring system.

Practice Specific Studying

Colleges that superscore will pick out your best section scores, which means you can focus your studying solely on one section for a given test date.  If you already took the SAT once and are satisfied with your score on one section but want to raise the second score, you can focus your studying entirely on the weaker section as you prepare for the next test date.

Take the Test More than Once

If you want a better score, you can take the test more than once but understand that that is more expenses. Even if you don’t study much from one test to the next, your scores are likely to increase slightly.

You can choose which tests to send with Score Choice, and colleges will use your highest subscores from those tests to superscore you. That means taking the SAT at least two or three times maybe an option you would like to consider. 

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